Week 2

Picture 1 A poem inspired by our guided reading session
Picture 2 Planning our poem in English
Picture 3 Sharing our plan with our partner
Picture 4 Discussing our creature's journey
Picture 5 Dividing using counters
Picture 6 Dividing and regrouping!
Picture 7 Journey Art
Picture 8 Collage
Picture 9 Abstract art
Picture 10 Can you work our what our journey is?
B4 have been immersed in poetry work both in guided reading and in English. Next week, we will be writing our very own poem inspired by the poem A Small Dragon by Brian Patten. We will be trying to capture the mood of the poem using our own mythical creature, lost and found, and whom we as poets will be caring for. In Maths, we will be continuing our work on division. We are using a range of strategies using resources to help us. As some of our methods might be new to you, make sure you ask your child to explain it to you as this will be a great opportunity for them to practice articulating their reasoning. In Art, we will be completing our abstract piece of art depicting a journey. The children have used a range of techniques to bring to life a journey they have imagined. In Science, we will be learning about classification of vertebrates and invertebrates and even going on a bug hunt! Watch out for next week's pictures!
Welcome back to all our returning Year 6 children, we're looking forward to seeing you!