Week 2

Another fantastic week of learning in Year 6.


In English, we've discovered more creatures that we could be in our midst. At the beginning of the week, leprechauns were 'spotted' in the school grounds, prompting us to write a radio news report detailing the incident. Following the leprechauns, we learnt about changelings, faeries who imitate humans. We wrote a letters to Miss Fiddler and Mr Read, expressing our concerns about a new student, who we suspected was a changleling.


In Maths, we continued our work on place value. We worked on ordering and comparing numbers, including measurements and decimal numbers.


In the afternoons, we began our D & T project, designing and building our class fantastical beast. We started by building dragon models to evaluate their design and materials. We finished the week by designing our own beast. Next week, we will start to build our beast.

Radio reports, letters to Miss Fiddler and Mr Read and D & T