Week 2

Well-being week

This has been Well-Being Week and  we have have enjoyed learning about respect - for ourselves, for other people, for the school and for the environment.


On Monday we learned all about the invisible bucket that we each carry around with us and how we can be both bucket fillers and bucket dippers.  We thought about what respect looks like and how we can show respect to different people in different ways.


On Tuesday we had had a series of workshops deigned to help us think about respect.  These included drama, art, computing and PE and I look forward to carrying on some of the PE activities in our lessons.


We have also managed to fit in some English, Maths and Geography this week.  In English we have been starting to learn about writing newspaper reports.  In Maths we have been thinking about how worded problems are written and how we can unpick the vocabulary to understand what we have to do to calculate the answer.  In Geography we have started work on our topic, Global Caretakers,. which should hopefully provide lots of interesting discussion and learning, particularly when we think about respecting our environment and the role that we have to play.


At the end of the week we have reflected on what respect is to us and thought about how we can be more respectful.  We have each made a hand and written a pledge to focus on 2 ways of showing respect that we think we can do better.


One final note, please, please can you ensure that your child has all of the equipment that they need in their pencil cases.  We are losing valuable learning time every lesson as those without the correct equipment find or borrow from others.


Have a great weekend