Week 2



This week we have been celebrating Well-Being week. Years 4 and 6 joined together in house teams to take part in activities our teachers set up centered around the theme of respect. We took part in a drama workshop where we were given scenarios to solve through role play. In the PE workshop we took part in a series of ball games with a difference... either our ability to see or use our legs was removed! We also thought about what makes us unique. We wrote down words about ourselves and used them to create Wordles. Finally, we read a story titled 'There's Room for Everyone'. We then painted our own flags of tolerance. These workshops have been a great learning experience in helping us to develop our understanding of what respect is, and how we can be considerate or other people's feelings as well as our own.


We have continued our learning of solving word problems using the bar model in Maths. We have been looking at the way in which word problems can ask for different things. They may be asking for the result, what change has happened, or what the start was. This has been quite tricky, but we tried to be resilient and kept having a go! We will be continuing to solve problems next week in the context of measure.


In English, we began our new unit - Newspaper reports. We started by listening to a story based on true events, called 'Zeraffa Giraffa'. We were asked to identify the who, what, where, why and when. We then moved on to identify these features within a newspaper report. Next week we will be planning and writing our own newspaper reports.