Week 2

Wellbeing week started with us all in odd socks and thank you to those parents who noticed and told me I was wearing odd socks frown We had such a great week, from spending time as a class participating in circle time to creating paintings, poems and drama sketches in the amazing workshops that were put on by all the teachers.  The children learnt about tolerance and respect and I know that we have become an even stronger class as a result of last week. 

Geography has seen us exploring the Savanna in even greater depth, as the children researched adaptations.  We used a giraffe as our starting point and listed all the adaptations this phenomenal creature has made, in order to allow it to survive.  Using their knowledge from this, the children then had to start designing their own Savanna creature, their animal can be a hybrid of any savanna animal but has to have adapted to be able to survive...I am really looking forward to seeing their creations unfold! 

Another great week of learning and I am certainly excited about sailing in B5's Ship of Tolerance.