Week 2

In English this week, we have continued our unit on playscripts. We read the 'ABC' poem by Spike Milligan, thought about what the characters would be doing and how they would be talking to each other. We then used these ideas and wrote our own playscripts. After this we read 'The Owl and the Pussycat' and thought about the plot, characters and props. In pairs we turned this into a playscript and also added extra dialogue for the characters. Next week we will complete our playscript unit.


In Maths, we began our new unit on perimeter. We began by calculating the perimeter of shapes where we were shown the length and width of each side. We learnt three different ways to show the calculation for perimeter. After this, we calculated the perimeter of shapes where there was some information missing. Next week we will move onto our new unit - properties of shape.


In Geography, we learnt about different types of fuels (fossil, renewable, nuclear) and their uses. We have also started to think about what impact using fossils fuels is having on the planet. We created posters to show our new learning and thought of ways we can reduce our carbon footprint.