Week 2

 In English this week, we have been writing metaphor poems on the theme of Rivers. We compared a river to an object or animal of our choice and wrote metaphors to show how they were similar to a river. We chose a varied range of animals and objects including dolphin, cheetah, lion and trees. Later in the week, after editing, we 'published' our poems by copying them up and decorating them, ready for display.


We have continued our shape related theme in Maths this week by carrying out the 'Constructing Shapes Challenge' and investigating the perimeter of rectangles. In the  'Constructing Shapes Challenge', we had to use up to 6 congruent (the same size) equilateral triangles to complete 8 different shape challenges (see document attached). It was indeed a challenge; why don't you have a go? This unit of work means we need to know lots of shape related vocabulary and we need to try and remember it. That was also a challenge!


Next week, we will be completing our perimeter work and then beginning a unit on the 3, 4 and 8 Times Tables.


In R.E., we have continued with our unit of work finding out about the Life of Jesus. We listened to a few short parables and then had to work in groups to dramatise them, making sure we conveyed the message as well as the story. Jesus told many parables, which are stories that contain a message about how people should behave and live their lives.


This week, we also started a unit of Art. We practised our colour-mixing skills and painted a colour wheel using the primary (red, blue and yellow) and secondary (purple, green and orange) colours. We tried to paint really carefully and not go over the lines.