Week 2

After the excitement of the animals last week, it was a return to a relatively normal week for B4.


In Maths, we started our new topic of short division.  We used the 'bus stop' method and counters to explore how division works.  We looked at what happens when a number doesn't divide exactly and how we use regrouping to continue the calculation.  We talked with the children how important the language and vocabulary of Maths is in developing their understanding.  It is really important that the children are using the correct terminology in all aspects of Maths as the emphasis is very much on reasoning and this vocabulary will help them to apply the calculations in reasoning problems.  If anyone would like further information on this or wants help to support their child in Maths, please let me know and I would be happy to talk you through it.


In English we have started our new text, The Promise.  The children have been working on developing their vocabulary to describe a city and the people within it.  We have continued to use drama to explore our responses to the text and we have used Hot Seat activities to create working walls to aide us in our writing.


In PSHE we have focused on our school community and our role within it.  Our theme for this half term is Being Me in My World.


In History, we are moving on to learning about the Tudors.