Week 2

This week in Maths, the children have been using the written method for division. They began the week by learning how to divide numbers without the need to regroup from the hundreds or tens. Once they were secure, they then learnt how to calculate division equations where regrouping from the hundreds or tens is needed. They have finished the week completing reasoning and problem solving tasks in order to apply their new learning. 

In English, the children have been reading The Promise. They have thought about how the story begins and began to describe the setting, before moving on to writing in role as the main character. Next week, they will be writing their own chapter for the story using the structure of the text to support them. 

The children also began their new History topic, Tudors, this week. They began by mind mapping anything they may know about the Tudors before completing a scavenger hunt where they had to find the answers to a series of questions about Tudor life. Next week, they will look in depth at Tudor family crests and will design their own.