Week 2

In English this week, we wrote diary entries in role as Cameron, the main character in 'Pig Heart Boy'. After completing our work, we spent time editing and uplevelling our work, thinking not only about our language choices but also about the structure of our sentences. Next week, we are going to continue reading the next few chapters of the story and write predictions about Cameron's life moving forward. Our grammar focus is going to be our use of adverbs and also, how to we can use simple, compound and complex sentences effectively in our writing.


In Maths, we continued to develop our understanding of written methods for multiplication. We were encouraged to check our work as we went along as little errors were creeping into our books, particularly when it came to using the expanded method. We concluded the week listing multiples of numbers greater than 12, in preparation for our work on written methods for division next week. 


We had a lot of fun in Science using Skittles, Jelly Babies and jelly worms to understand the basics of diffusion and osmosis. Ask the children what they found out! These are tricky concepts (and are revisited in Year 9!!) but do link to our work on blood and the circulatory system. 


Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual parents' evenings. If you didn't manage to attend, I will be in contact to arrange a meeting with you. Thank you also for all of the kind donations you made to Children in Need. 


Science - Diffusion and Osmosis