Week 2 - W/E 3rd May

This week in English, we have continued our work linked to 'The Great Kapok Tree'. We have looked at the story from both the point of view of the animals and that of the Woodcutter. We wrote a diary entry as if we were the Woodcutter, considering his feelings and emotions after hearing the animals try to persuade him not to cut down the tree. Next week we will using 'The Vanishing Rainforest' as a model for our writing.


In Maths, we have continued our multiplication work. We have used what we learnt last week to move on to short multiplication, both with and without regrouping. We are still using Dienes to model our calculations but have moved on to recording using column method.


This half term, our Science work is all about plants. This week, we thought about what we already knew (actually quite a lot!) and what we would like to find out.


In D.T., we practised construction skills and then designed our models that will use a pneumatic system. We have linked our designs to our Rainforest and Plants topics. Next week we will make our designs.




Design Technology - Practising construction skills