Week 3

Spotting missing apostrophes at the leisure centre
And another missing apostrophe!!
Shape dominoes - what comes next?
What features make our sequence continue?
Finding synonyms
Shades of meaning
Ordering from weakest to strongest feeling
Feeling miserable? Devastated? Dejected?
Roman music
Recreating the sounds of Ancient Rome
B4 orchestra
Roman dancing
A tour of Rome
Listening to our tour guide
Photographing monuments
Tourist group picture
Next week, we will be focusing on persuasive writing in English. We will be writing a speech to convince the politicians that they need to take the threat of Mount Vesuvius seriously. We will also be writing a vivid description of the eruption before planning on how to write our very own story set in Pompeii at that time. In Maths next week, we will continue our work on quadrilaterals before exploring lines of symmetry and perimeter of shapes. We are learning a lot about the Romans and will be delving even deeper into that time of history in the course of next week.