Week 3 - 13th November

Thank you to all of our parents for attending parents evening – it was great to see you and lovely to share the learning and anecdotes of your children.


Another week has flown by, and with it lots of rich learning.


In English, our class continues with exploring Shackleton’s Journey. The potential crew members have applied for jobs, after writing their Curriculum vitae (CV) and are awaiting a response to see if they are able to join the crew. It’s all very exciting as the children await their letters from Shackleton.


Maths has seen the children tackling addition and subtraction of fractions and mixed numbers. They are working hard and are being given many opportunities to explain their thinking and share their knowledge – great for consolidation.


History saw the year group join together, as they began to plot a timeline in preparation for a HUGE one to go in the hall. This will allow history across the school to be on display and added too, as we learn more throughout the year. Watch this space…


M6 read a powerful letter this week. Mrs Probert bought in a letter, dated November 1918, which had been sent to her great grandmother. The contents were extremely moving as it explored a year at war, in the life of Maurice (Mrs Probert’s, great grandfather) and his dear friend. Maurice stayed by his friend’s side when he was wounded and only left him when ordered too. Maurice died soon after the war of his own severe war injuries. Mrs Probert never knew him, so seeing him through the eyes of someone who knew him well, was the closest she will ever get to this brave and kind man. The children read and discussed their feeling about Maurice and his friend. This was very moving as the children got caught up in the emotion of the time and made connections with how a family might have felt during the Great War. They then had the chance to respond to this letter and wrote down their thoughts, these will be passed on to Mrs Probert and her family.


Off we went to The Hyde…Mrs D’joras other school.


We were welcomed warmly and taken to different year six classes and took part in their lessons. Our children were exemplary, and thoroughly enjoyed interacting and discussing schools and learning. Playtime saw them fully immersed with the children laughing and joking, playing football and balancing on beams – it was a joy to see. I know they can’t wait to go again. Do ask them to tell you all about it.