Week 3: 16 September 19

Hello again and welcome to Year 6!  I simply cannot believe that year 6 is now well underway and Year 5 has become a distant, but cherished memory for me. We have had a wonderful launch to our learning in Year 6, through exploring, in all areas of our learning, the mesmerizing picture book Flotsam.  I am certain that the children have come home and told you about the awe and wonder of this book, but most significantly, told you about their creative writing - from scene setting, to character descriptions and creating their own blurb.  The book has allowed us to examine in detail, the impacts of our use of plastic on our oceans.  The children were astounded by the not only the amount of plastic, but by the damage caused to our beautiful planet.  In their quest to improve the world we live in, they have written heartfelt  letters to John Lewis, to persuade them to stop using plastic bags in their shops. 

I am excited about what the term has in store for us, based on this great start to the year.