Week 3 - 18/09/17 - 22/09/17

Another whirlwind week in B6! We’ve had paper airplane competitions, Bikeability, tortoise care research and problem solving to name a few of our activities!


The week started with another interesting assembly from Mrs Djora. This one was about aiming high! A select group of children and staff had 30 secs to design and make a paper aeroplane and then throw the aeroplane across the hall, passing through as many hoops as possible. From this, we started to see the importance of aiming high. As part of our 'Class Time' on Friday, everyone made their own paper aeroplane and we competed to see could throw theirs the furthest. Our winner will compete against the rest of the school in Monday’s assembly.


This week saw the majority of Year 6 taking part in their level 1 and 2 Bikeability training. The children are taught how to safely ride their bikes on the road, including learning to signal properly, how to check before turning and how to keep themselves safe on the roads. This is a fantastic learning opportunity and valuable life skill. We would like to thank the trainers for all their hard work and dedication this week. This is the largest number of trainees we have ever had at Bushey Manor and it wouldn’t have been possible without them!


When the children weren’t riding their bikes, they were hard at work in the classroom. We received a letter from the tortoise’s owner, Miss Duffy, asking us to write a ‘How to care for a Tortoise’ leaflet as she was having to leave him for 6 weeks with friends while she went away. Year 6 have risen to the challenge and have started to take steps towards producing some fantastic leaflets! We started by thinking about what information we would need to know if we had to care for a tortoise, which produced some interesting questions, such as ‘Do we have to wash it?’ or ‘Are they allergic to anything?’ We used the internet, and other leaflets, to find the answers to our questions, which will then use during next week’s writing tasks.


In Maths, we have been looking at problem solving and using resources to help us visualise problems. We solved problems, including mystery digits in envelopes and jumbled clock faces, which were all based on ‘The Famous Five’ As well as using resources to help us visualise the problems, we also focused on collaborative learning and used our extensive network of peers to support us.


Next week is B6’s first important diary date as we will be having our first Learning Assembly on Thursday. We hope we will see lots of parents and cannot wait to share all of our learning with you.