Week 3

Picture 1 The 7 skills of Jalal through dance
Picture 2 Seventh skill: trust yourself
Picture 3 As graceful as cats
Picture 4 Mirroring movements
Picture 5 Cats prowling
Picture 6 Working as a team
Picture 7 Playing Daisy's time game
Picture 8 Who will win?
This week has been so exciting. B4 really enjoyed Sports Day and we got into the spirit of things early with a special visit from a jiu-jitsu instructor who talked to us about the martial art and taught us a few moves! Next week, we will be finishing our book Varjak Paw and we will be writing our own narrative from the perspective of...the dog! In Maths, we will be continuing our work on time before moving on to working with money. Having now finished our Science topic on Living Things, we are looking forward to moving on to our new topic of sound!
Happy half term everyone, wishing you all a happy and healthy week!