Week 3 - 20/01/20

This week in English, we continued to read and explore 'Room 13' by Robert Swindells. At the start of the week, we enjoyed writing in the style of the author, predicting what we thought would happen next in the story. Our main focus for the rest of the week was dialogue. We consolidated our understanding of how to punctuate speech correctly and wrote dialogue that gave clues to character's thoughts and feelings. Next week, we are going to be use role play to further develop our understanding of the main characters in the book and will also be writing a diary entry in the role of Fliss, detailing the strange goings-on in The Crow's Nest Hotel!


In Maths, we spent the week problem solving! We discussed a variety of strategies that could be used to solve problems, including working backwards, inverse operation, drawing a model and interpreting data. We developed our understanding of each of these methods and discussed the types of problems that these methods are best suited to. Next week, we are going to converting units of measurement, in particular those linked to time and length. 


This coming Wednesday, we have been invited to attend a musical performance at Bushey Academy, celebrating the music of The Beatles. I am sure that it will be a very enjoyable experience and will hopefully result in the children bursting into a variety of Beatles classics at on Wednesday night!