Week 3

In English, we have continued to use the book Stone Age Boy as a focus for our writing. We began the week by role-playing what it must have been like to be a hunter-gatherer in the Stone Age. We based our ideas on the text and freeze-framed when we had finished. This activity not only linked to English but helped our team-building skills as well. Later in the week, we had to try and remember the story of Stone Age Boy, and produced a story map. Next week we will be writing our own adventure story using this as our model.


In Maths this week, we have been working on formal written subtraction. For most of us, this was the first time we had tried column subtraction. We started off without having to regroup and then moved on to regrouping. It was then that some of us got a bit confused but we tried really hard and persevered. We used Dienes to model our calculations but used mental strategies too. Have a closer look at the method we used in the Maths section of 'Useful Information and Resources'.


Although it may seem some time away, Christmas began in Year 3 this week. Every year, we decorate the dining area and one of the main features is a decorated hoop made by each class. We started our designs which will be completed next week. We're not letting on what we're making yet but our decorations involve the use of lolly sticks and wool! frown


Freeze frames - Acting out hunting scenes from the Stone Age Boy