Week 3

This week has seen M6 writing persuasive speeches. Having looked at and listened to inspirational speeches, and noted the features of a persuasive text, we began our own. The job of the speech writer, was to, either encourage the Varmints to leave the city and return to their natural environment or to stay living in, an urbanized, built up area. The children quickly picked up the fact, that the problem was similar to BREXIT. Should we stay or should we leave?


Art saw the first part of our class display of Pop Art, based on onomatopoeia words, such as, bang, boom, swish and pop! Get ready to be amazed by our creativity.


M6 have tackled some tricky algebraic equations this week, with great success. They wanted to give parents an equation to solve. Have a go...


         m6 + (5m x 4) = 156     m = ?


This weeks class page has been written by the children of M6