Week 3

This week we have been working towards creating our own blog.  The children are having to think about a variety of characters perspectives and produce a blog on the chapters we are currently reading.  What has made it more exciting and challenging, is that we are even considering a blog from the perspective of the house - a pivotal component to the story, which reflects and imitates the life of its owners.  I cannot wait to read the final pieces, which we will type up.  Plant Life.  We began investigating the life cycle of plants today, which involved not only thinking about the different stages of a plants life, but identifying and labeling the different parts of a plant, as well as considering how they reproduce.  We watched a video clip of the Eric Carle story 'A Tiny Seed', which the children loved.  Do you have any plants you would be willing to let us borrow, so the children can observe any changes it makes?  Thanks is advance if you can and I wish you all a fabulous weekend!