Week 3

This week in our learning we have made real strides towards some great writing in English.  We have written the next chapter to The Promise and I think it is our best writing yet.


In Reading we are really focusing on comprehension and establishing the different types of questions that are being asked. We are generating our own questions about the text that we are reading and thinking about our expression and fluency when we are reading out loud.  Hopefully the children have shared with you about our conversations and are encouraging you to ask them lots of questions about what they are reading.  I have put on the class page many questions that you could be asking and I am going to see what I else I can find to support you. 


In Maths, the children have been amazing me with their resilience as we took our first tentative steps into really understanding what decimals are.  They have been brilliant at what can be a tricky concept but have used concrete resources to support them and have responded really well to feedback!


In History, we have started our Tudor project and the children are really excited to answer some of their questions that they have generated.