Week 3 - W/E 21st September

We have had another busy week in B3 this week.


In English, we have continued with our Dragon-related work and have been looking at instructional texts.

We have been text-mapping 'How to Feed Your Pet Dragon' in preparation for writing our own instructions on an aspect of looking after a dragon.



In Maths, we have been working on adding and subtracting multiples of 1, 10 and 100. We have been using Dienes to practise our skills and on Friday we played a game, 'Hot Shot', putting our skills into effect.

The game has been uploaded to our Useful Information and Resources page so, if you fancy a go, download it and enjoy!

Maths - Playing 'Hot Shot'.

Once a week we take part in an R-Time session. In these sessions we are randomly paired with another member of the class and work on a task together. We have to remember to follow the rules, which include greeting each other, being polite, showing respect, demonstrating good listening skills and working together.

This week we had to work with our partner to draw one circle inside another at the same time. Before we started, we discussed how we were going to approach the task. Most of us completed it successfully.


Our Geography topic is 'Where We Live'. This week we have been investigating the roads we live in, marking them on a map and finding out how we all get to school. We collected the data and converted it into a bar chart. We then had to use the data to answer some questions.