Week 3: W/E 25th September

In Maths we have been looking at counting on and back in 10’s and 100’s. We used what we had already learnt about place value to help us. We have also had two assessments to help our teachers see what we might need extra practise and support with.

In English we have continued use the book 'Here we Are' as inspiration. We used a poem called 'New Moon, by Kate Wakeling, to write a list poem about the sky. We also painted skyscapes using the watercolour skills we had practiced in art. 

On Thursday we had our first Outdoor Classroom Day of the year. It had been Doodle Day on the 25th so we started the day with the 'Doodle Day' story and then worked on leaf-shaped nature inspired doodles. We went outside and worked in groups to make nature-themed magic squares, where each row and column had to add up to 10. After lunch, we used natural objects to create art in the environment. It was a bit of a challenge as it was VERY windy, but we persevered.

Reuben found this fabulous caterpillar!