Week 3

What a lovely week of learning we have had.

In English we continue to explore the Journey to Jo’burg text and we have started to focus on writing a chapter from another character’s point of view. We have used drama and discussion to explore character’s motivations and emotions to help us to understand the reasons behind their actions.


Our maths focus has been on multiples, factors, prime and composite numbers. We have enjoyed using equipment to investigate and explain how numbers work. The children have found exciting patterns in their multiples which they will be sharing with the whole school and hopefully you!


Our topic continues to focus on South Africa and we have incorporated geography and science in this. The children have produced some outstanding climate graphs which they have used to help them describe how the climate changes throughout the year. They have also been comparing the temperature in South Africa with London and quite a few of them would prefer to live there!


Next week, we are going to begin our art work based on the Ndebele Tribe, so if any of the children would like to do some research this weekend, we would be excited to see/hear what they find out. Their research will enable them to produce their own Ndebele patterns next week.


Have a lovely weekend