Week 4

Picture 1 Our first investigation on the effect of exercise
Picture 2 Warming up
Picture 3 Breathing and heart rate after exercise
Picture 4 After heavy exercise
Picture 5 Flicking a paper ball
Picture 6 Will the one with the longest index finger win?
Picture 7 Measuring the distance
Picture 8 Using a metre stick
Picture 9 Slime!
Picture 10 Cosmic Caz
Picture 11 Testing electrical circuits
Picture 12 Which one make the bulb light up?
Picture 13 Testing water lilies
Picture 14 Will the ones with the most petals open faster?
Picture 15 Testing runny liquids with Year 1
Picture 16 Working together to make predictions
Picture 17 Lighthouses!
Picture 18 Working circuit with a switch
Picture 19 It was all worth the effort
Picture 20 Proud of our hard work!
This has been such a fantastic Science Week! The children have really engaged with all of our investigations, getting into the habit of planning, predicting, testing, recording and writing conclusions. We have worked with Year 1 and applied our knowledge of electricity to make lighthouses! Next week, we will be working on multiplying and dividing by 10, applying that knowledge to design a Science investigation. We will also be writing explanation text about how to make lighthouses and an explanation text about electrical circuits! Make sure you ask your child about Science Week and ask them what they have learnt.
Welcome back to all our returning Year 6 children, we're looking forward to seeing you!