Week 4 - 20th November

This week has been full of learning as we continue with the thrilling, true adventure of Shackleton's expedition to Antarctica.


The children, in character, completed CV's and then went on to role play interviews with Ernest Shackleton. This was admirably modelled by our very own, Mr Freeman as Shackleton and Mr Gully, as potential crew member Frank Wild. The children thoroughly enjoyed the acting and in particular, the use of the Queens English, as of typical 1914 (we listened to some of the earliest BBC radio broadcasts - much to the amusement of the children). The classes then got into pairs to write suitable interview questions and to use these in their own role play interviews. It was a delight to see just how keen they were to share in the use of dressing up clothes and of using a wide range of accents!


Following this they reviewed and discussed whether their questions and answers had been suitable to secure a position as a crew member - the resounding answer to this was - Yes!


Letters were then written to accept the relevant positions. After writing, proof reading and copying, the final drafts were then tea-stained to represent the paper used in the early 1900's. I can't wait for next week's adventure!


Great results in sporting events this week with year 6 children taking part in a Hockey and Table Tennis tournament - great work everyone.


You make us, as a school, so proud - we love to share in your achievements.