Week 4 - 25/09/17 - 29/09/17

Another fantastic week of learning in B6! We’ve had assemblies with dogs, a trip to the circus and our first Learning Assembly of the year! Cannot believe we have already finished our 4th week of the half term!


On Monday morning, we were introduced to Lola the dog, the Hyde School’s/Mrs Djora’s dog. We learnt about how to approach Lola and a little bit about her life. The most exciting part of the assembly was watching racing up and down planks. Did someone say Britain’s Got Talent?


It’s been a week of exciting assemblies as on Wednesday we took part in a National Fitness Day assembly. Bushey and Oxhey Infants joined us in the hall for half an hour of singing and dancing to celebrate the day. Our personal favourite was a song from the Wombles, who knew those little critters were so keen on fitness!


The highlight of our week was performing our first Learning Assembly. It is always difficult being the first one of the year but the children performed admirably and took everything in their stride. A big thank you to all the parents who came and please look at our pictures this week to see the children in action.


This week in English, we continued to work on our tortoise care leaflets. We spent time researching different areas that we would need to include in our leaflet. We now have a long list of all the foods a tortoise can have, we discovered there is a tortoise ‘table’ which is a good place to house your tortoise and you are required by law to leave your tortoise to someone in your will. We began to write our leaflets making sure that they were fit for purpose, which is to inform about tortoise care.


In Maths we started to look at number and place value. We thought about how place value manifests itself in everyday situations, what a digit represents and how we can use resources to prove our understanding.


Next week, we will continue to develop our understanding of number and place value.


We finished the week with a trip to the circus. It was brilliant morning watching performances of clowns, ‘rope’ artists, ‘silk dancing’ and gymnastics. The stunned faces of the children were priceless as gymnasts threw themselves through hoops or tumbled down ropes. Fingers crossed we can convince Miss Fiddler to let the circus come to Bushey Manor to run a workshop.


Finally, a big thank you to the children and parents who have been reading seven times a week. We managed to win ourselves a week with Stormzy the hamster but we need to make sure more of us are reading 7 times a week to ensure she remains with us all year!