Week 4 - 25th September

A big thank you to all the parents who joined us in M6 this morning, we do hope you enjoyed your short time with us and felt as proud of your children as we are. The work produced by you all, will go on display so pat yourselves on the back for your achievements.


This week we have exercised for National Fitness day, watched our classmates in B6 do a memorable assembly, had an ‘at home session’, listened to and voted for this years’ school council members and been to the circus! Phew!


In English, we are honing our Tortoise Care leaflets and making them, not only informative, but eye-catching too.


Maths is all about place value and number, and the importance of knowing the value of a number and what it represents. They have enjoyed using our interactive place value board in our classroom.


Design and Technology is close to seeing the final results of our tortoises, which have been much admired across the school.


Science had the children using their Home Learning facts about Charles Darwin and his Theory of Evolution. The children investigated the word ‘adaptation’ and then several of them wrote their understanding of it. This then helped the class to look at plants and animals and how they have adapted to their surroundings, by developing features enabling them to survive in their environment.