Week 4

This week the excitement of the build up to Christmas continued. We finished off making the decorations for our hoop and, after school on Friday, the staff decorated the Dining Hall. Christmas has arrived at Bushey Manor!


In English, we planned and wrote our own Stone Age adventure stories, using the Stone Age Boy story as a model for our own writing. We were the main character in our adventure, during which we travelled back to the Stone Age. We used knowledge gathered from our history topic to add more details.


Our Maths work this week has been based on bar charts. We looked at a variety of charts, identified the features, talked about how the interval scale changes and interpreted the information shown. We also looked at the associated vocabulary and generated our own questions.


Thank you to everyone who came to our assembly this week. We hope you enjoyed it and learnt something new about the Stone Age. 

I'm not from the Stone Age, get me out of here!