Week 4

This week seemed to be filled with the theme of 'flying', as we sewed our Doves for our Christmas Hoops and completed our paper helicopter science experiments.  The race was on to complete our Doves of Peace, ready in time for the start of Advent and needless to say, your wonderful children were up for the challenge!  We made Doves, as they are a sign of peace, and through our work on The Christmas Truce, we know that peace was found in the most hostile place on Christmas Eve 1914 and we wanted to celebrate this moment of peace.  The sewing skills and workmanship were excellent, the children persevered with their stitching and  as a result the doves are beautiful - they can currently be seen serenely flying in our dining hall.

In Science the children were investigating air resistance.  The children devised their own hypotheses and created an investigation that would allow them to discover the answer.  The experiment of course had to be fair, we considered our variables and constant, and considered any other external factors that may affect our findings.  I loved the professionalism of their write ups and look forward to reading their conclusions.  We had lots of fun creating helicopters -  ask them to show you at home!

Another outstanding week of learning B5!