Week 4

This week we started looking at symmetry in Maths.  We looked at both regular and irregular shapes and looked for patterns and relationships between the number of sides in regular shapes and the numbers of lines of symmetry.  We also built symmetrical patterns using patterned tiles and used mirrors to check that they were indeed symmetrical.


In English we have have starting doing a variety of different styles of writing based on a beautiful picture based in the circus.  I was so impressed at the children's vocabulary when they were thinking of synonyms for the word "amazing".  We filled an entire flip chart sheet without even opening a thesaurus!


In Guided Reading, we have nearly finished Kensuke's Kingdom and we are sad to be saying goodbye to this book as we have loved it. The children are showing increased understanding in how to use the text to support answers.  


In Science, we have been thinking about the water cycle and how it fits in to our topic of Solids, Liquids and Gases.  


In RE the children have continued to think about themselves and their influences and how they influence others.


Finally, in Geography, we had a great lesson where the children thought about their role as global citizens and considered things that happened to the environment, why they happen and how they impact different communties.  It was great to hear the children putting forward their ideas and explaining why they believed what they did.