Week 4

In Maths, we have been identifying lines of symmetry. We began by finding lines of symmetry on a range of regular and irregular polygons. We moved on to completing a pattern to make it symmetrical and then creating our own symmetrical patterns.

Next week we will move onto our new unit - decimals.


In English, we have completed various short writes. We used the persuasive paragraphs we wrote to create posters that would encourage and entice people to visit the circus. After this, we looked at how to summarise the main events in the story in just five sentences. 


We have come to the end of our Geography unit - Global Caretakers. We will now complete our KWL grids to explain what we have learnt and what we can do to look after our planet.

We will spend the next two weeks completing our Science unit - Liquids, Solids and Gases.


I hope you all enjoy your weekend. Take care in the snow!