Week 4

Another busy week and unbeknownst to us a shorter one than anticipated. Hope you are all enjoying the snow!


Maths saw us tackling long division with an attitude of ‘I can do it’ and I can say when, and why I would use it.I am really impressed with you all. no


In English, we have continued with our book - Varmint.

This week, the focus has been on narrative, looking at engaging the reader, through story writing. 

Children have used devices such as: figurative language, exciting vocabulary, cohesive devices, whilst keeping firmly in mind, the reader. Word choice, has also been a high priority and explored through drama, sound and diologue, encouraging the use of synonyms to up-level work.


Geography – The America’s - see the children planning a holiday! Which might be useful for the summer. Do ask them about their ideas and research (they have been reminded that it is an exercise and not, a reality; rest assured no flights have been booked!) they are taking it very seriously and have BIG plans.


Spanish – saw the children singing all about ordering food and drinks in a café. They continued their rehearsing of phrases and words by completing a crossword and a breakfast survey, all of course in Spanish. Croissants (un croissant) with jam (la mermelada) and tea with milk (un té con leche) proved most popular.

Welcome back to all our returning Year 6 children, we're looking forward to seeing you!