Week 4

This week the children have been continuing their learning about decimals in Maths.  They have been ordering them, rounding them and next week we will be doing complements to 1.  If you can spare some time to do number binds to 100, this would help.


In English we have started our Various Genres unit based on a beautiful picture book, Leon and the Place Between.  We have been developing our vocabulary and created some persuasive posters encouraging visitors to come to the circus. It was brilliant when we realised that we could produce nearly 20 synonyms for the word amazing and used a variety of them in our writing.


Thanks to those parents who are really questioning their children during reading to check in comprehension.  I am looking forward to welcoming as many of you as possible at our extra at home session in the 13th February.  We will be focusing on reading and the skills that the children need in order to answer comprehension questions.  Don’t forget that if the children are reading out loud from Bug Club, that counts as a read!

As it was Art Week this week, we have had extra art lessons.  In History, we started learning about Tudor Heraldry and are designing our own shields that represent who we are as individuals.  
All of the children enjoyed contributing to the school mosaics and are excited to see the results.  
Mrs Keough continued to work with the children on their pastel skills and we are hoping to get their work up on display in the classroom next week.

Finally, the children were really lucky to have Miss Hurt in today to teach them about portrait drawing.  After doing an initial sketch, the children then reflected on what they drew and the redrafted.  I was really impressed with the results and all of the children made good progress.