Week 4

What a wonderful week this has been for not only M4, but the whole school. We started the week meeting Ms Djora’s school dog, Lola, and she provided a WOW start to the Monday morning’s assembly! We look forward to welcoming Lola into the M4 classroom very soon. Also in the assembly, the winners from the class Paper Aeroplane competition took part in the whole school final! Harry from M4 did us all proud by getting his paper aeroplane well over half way towards the back of the hall. Our WOW week continued on Wednesday when we had the whole of Year 4 travel by train to London for our British Museum Trip. We have learnt so much about Ancient Greek life and all the teachers were blown away by the children’s outstanding behaviour, enthusiasm and enjoyment. There were a lot of tired feet by the end of the day but it was definitely worth it! Miss Gregory would also like to say an extra special thanks to all of the parent helpers. Your support made the day run even more smoothly and you helped the children to get into the learning spirit!

On Thursday we used what we had learnt on our trip to explore the Ancient Greek number system (similar to Roman Numerals) in a maths lesson. Following that, we looked at what we had found out about the Ancient Greek pottery and began creating designs for our very own Greek Pots that we will be making in a few weeks.

We have ended the week with yet MORE WOW moments! In the morning the whole school went to the circus and lots of fun was had. We also ran the election for school council representatives (winners will be revealed next week) and then the class made Miss Gregory extremely proud by most of the class getting 12/12 on their spelling tests. For the first ‘official’ spelling test for the year, it was an excellent start.

Our aim for next week is to ensure we are supporting each other to read every day. We really would like to have the opportunity to look after the school hamster, Stormzy, for the week. To achieve this, we must have a minimum of 90% of the class reading 7 days a week. Please give us as much encouragement and support as you can! We will also continue the work we started this week on how to speak to other kindly and how to express our emotions correctly. In the photos section you will see a picture of our new ‘feelings’ chart which is there to help children express their emotions when they cannot verbalize them. If you would like to know more about this, then pop in and see Miss Gregory!


“Feelings are much like waves; we can’t stop them from coming but we can choose which ones to surf.” - Unknown