Week 4

This week in English, we spent time editing our flash forwards. We used literary features such as parentheses, adverbials and expanded noun phrases to develop our sentences, and thought carefully about our choice of vocabulary. Next week, we are going to be using our English and Topic sessions to write a newspaper report about the Viking raid on Lindisfarne. (We will be returning to Pig Heart Boy the following week.)


In Maths, we developed our understanding of factors, multiples, prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers through a variety of problem solving tasks. Next week is Assessment Week so we are going to start the week consolidating our knowledge of properties of number and will then be completing past SATs papers during the rest of our Maths sessions. 


Our Christmas hoop is finished and hanging proudly in the dining room!! We are all very pleased with our felt hearts and enjoyed decorating them with beads, sequins and buttons.