Week 4 - W/E 1st February

In English this week, we have continued to look at the structure and features of non-chronological reports. We looked at texts and highlighted the different features. Later in the week, we began to research a dinosaur of our choice, making notes on a planning sheet. We tried to collect information about diet, appearance, habitat, abilities and life cycle. We also made note of any other interesting facts we found. Next week, we will be using the information we collected to write our own non-chronological reports.
In Maths, we continued to use arrays to calculate the answers to multiplication tables. We then, after brainstorming associated vocabulary, began using counters and multilink cubes to help with division calculations. We quickly realised that if you know your times tables, division is much easier! We will continue with division next week.
In R.E. we have been finding out about the life of Jesus. This week we listened to the parable of Zacchaeus. We thought about what he was like at the beginning of the story and how he had changed by the end. Parables are simple stories, used to illustrate a moral or spiritual lesson and guide people in how to behave. Other faiths have similar stories too.
In Art, we drew our dinosaur silhouettes to go on the painted backgrounds we did last week. We were taught how to trace a design and then transfer it onto another sheet of paper. It was a bit tricky but we managed to complete them in the end.
As you know, Friday was a Snow Day! We got a bonus day off school but that means we'll have some catching up to do next week! Pictured below is the snowman that Mrs Lowden made. If you took a snow day picture and would like to share it on this page, send it in to the school office or bring it in on a USB stick and it will appear here. frown

Snow Day Fun!