Week 4 - W/E 28th September

Week 4 - W/E 28th September


In English, we have continued with our Dragon-related work and have been looking at instructional texts.

This week, we have written our own instructions on how to feed a pet dragon.


In Maths, we have looked at estimating and ordering numbers. We generated numbers and played a game where we had to beat our team members by getting the highest number.

In Art this week, we developed our skills in using graded pencils. We used 5 different grades: 2H, H, HB, B and 2B. Pencils graded H are harder; pencils graded B are softer and smudge more easily. We completed a chart where, for each grade of pencil, we produced 6 patterns. These demonstrated how the pencils change from hard to soft and light to dark.