Week 4 - W/E 29th September

What another fantastic week of learning B3 have had!


We began the week with another assembly led by Mrs Djora. She was accompanied by the school dog from The Hyde School, Lola. She was extremely well-behaved despite being on view in front of about 250 children plus adults.


This week in English, we used evidence from the text to create character profiles about the tiny Minpins. We considered what their lives would be like and wrote character descriptions about the them, trying to remember to use interesting adjectives, adverbial phrases and a variety of conjunctions to extend and improve our sentences.


In Maths this week, we investigated number lines, bead strings and hundreds squares. We worked on a variety of activities, including finding multiples, identifying patterns, continuing sequences and rounding numbers to the nearest multiple of 10. Over the next few weeks we will continue to focus on these areas, ensuring that we are ready to apply our knowledge in other mathematical areas.


Also this week: we continued with out sweet rhythms in music; we finished off our Shades of Green paintings; made collage front covers for our sketchbooks; found out about the parts of a flowering plant and a few of us had the opportunity to plant some bulbs with Mrs Rook.


Our week was rounded off with a trip to the circus! The acts were fabulous and included clowns, basketball skills, acrobats using ribbons, ropes and hula hoops, and the versatile Black Eagles, who performed three times doing different things. They were amazing!!


What exciting things will be happening next week?!