Week 4 - W/E 31st January

What a week we have had! This week has been Art Week and, alongside our normal curriculum studies, we have been working on additional art activities.

We have been lucky enough to have an artist, Andrew Wynne, working in school for 4 days. Every child spent time helping to make a mosaic, made up of 4 panels based on our school houses; Air, Earth, Fire and Water. When completed, along with a mosaic of our school logo, they will be up on display in the school Dining Hall.

Following an assembly on Monday morning, where Mrs Lowden read a book called The Dot, the whole school (well nearly, not everyone has quite finished yet) contributed to a dot picture using felt-tipped pen, wax crayon or oil pastel. When complete, this will also be displayed in school for all to see.
Another activity completed by the whole school was drawing self-portraits using sketching pencils. A selection of portraits will be displayed in school. In B3, after a quick lesson on how to start, there was some great work. Pictures to follow...

In B3, we also looked at the painting 'The Umbrellas' by Pierre Auguste Renoir. We talked about the picture and then had the option of completing one of three activities. We could:

1) Draw our own version of the picture

2) Do our own work based on the title 'The Umbrellas' or

3) Create our own work of art replacing the umbrellas with our own object(s). We are still finishing these off but look out for photos when we are done.