Week 4

We have had a fun week of learning! We are preparing for our visit to Whipsnade and thinking about life in the Savanna and how it has adapted to ensure they survive.  The children have been using their climate graphs (which they plotted themselves), to describe the climatic conditions and they were clearly able to see there are two seasons: a wet one and a dry one.  The children have really enjoyed discovering how giraffes have adapted to suit this climate and we are ready to share our knowledge with the zoo keepers next week!   


In English the children have really been exploring and deepening their writing skills by becoming an author!  They have had to re-write a chapter of our text 'Journey to Jo'Burg' from another characters point of view.  The children really embraced this challenge and produced some outstanding pieces of writing as a result.


In Maths the children continue to explore different methods of adding.  The children have shown great resilience with the new methods and used the resources to support their learning.  The children work collaboratively to ensure they investigate thoroughly and share their understanding.  I have been super impressed with their progress.


In art we have been researching Ndebele houses, an indigenous tribe from South Africa.  The children have discovered more about the Ndebele tribe by asking questions about an image I gave them.  They then had to conduct thorough research to answer their own questions.  The result was amazing as they have found out some fantastic facts about the Ndebele tribe; the messages the beautiful patterns and designs represent are incredibly interesting.  Please ask your children to tell you more!  I look forward to seeing their own Ndebele designs next week! 


Another great week of learning B5 - well done!