Week 5 - 02/10/17 - 06/10/17

Another busy week in B6! We’ve had our inaugural reading breakfast, No Pen’s Day and team building activities.


Over the last few weeks, we’ve talked a lot about the English and Maths we have been doing so this week we are going to talk about all of the fantastic learning that’s been going on.


Each week, Year 6 spend the afternoon with Mrs Caperon, our Music specialist, developing their understanding of music. We started our sessions by learning about different notes and what their appearance tells us about how to play them. We then used this knowledge to learn the Oompa Loompa song from ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’. Following this, we also learnt musical vocabulary, such as pitch, tempo. In our music lesson this week, we started to learn sea shanties, which will be our focus for the next few weeks.


Wednesday saw the arrival of ‘No Pens Day’, a national event that is designed to encourage children to communicate without using a pen. This is a great opportunity for our more reluctant writers to find new ways to share their work and also helps the children to think creatively about how to record their work. In Year 6, we used this as an opportunity to follow instruction from YouTube videos on how to make book corners. We watched the videos, followed the steps we had to take to make the corner and thought about how effective the instructions were. In R.E., the children acted out parts of Buddha’s life and recorded them using the iPads.


Wednesday morning also saw our classroom filled to the rafters with parents and siblings, who joined us for our first every reading breakfast. The croissants and orange juice quickly disappeared but it was great to see so many children reading with their parents or friends. Hopefully this event has inspired children and parents to spend more time reading with each other and sharing their love of reading.


Friday’s P.E. lesson took on a mathematical theme mixed with some team building activities. Year 6 were split into 6 groups and each group had to plan a P.E. activity that incorporated times tables. The children created some fantastic variations of well-known games and some invented their own. We had ‘Stuck in the Mud’, where children had to answer a times table question to be ‘freed’ and a version of ‘Grandma’s Footsteps’ or ‘Fox’ (that’s what the kids call it today apparently!). Having shared and taught their games to other groups, it was time to challenge the children with some further team building activities. Each group had to join hands and pass a hoop over themselves without breaking the circle. As the groups got better at communicating and supporting each other, the groups became larger with more hoops until eventually we had 60 children passing 8 hoops around the circle. Check out the ‘Pictures this Week’ section, on Monday, to see some of the photos from this activity.


We finished the week watching volcanic eruptions on the playground! I have been blown away (pun intended!) by the effort the children have put into their Home Learning so far this half term. The classroom is filling up with volcanoes, autobiographies and basketball posters and I am looking forward to seeing more arrive during the next couple of weeks. Well done to Tiernan for creating an informative PowerPoint on Darwin's theories of evolution. A big thank you to the parents as well for encouraging and supporting the children in their efforts!