Week 5

I am keeping our poems in English under wraps because we are hoping as many of you as possible will be available to attend our art exhibition and poetry reading next Friday. We have worked really hard on and hope you can join us to celebrate our achievements.

Next week, we will be thinking about choosing efficient strategies in Maths to approach different calculations. Is it best to just halve, use our place value to multiply or divide by 10, use a number line, count up, use long division, partition or use short multiplication? We will be articulating our reasoning and thinking strategically about what works best for us.

In English next week, we will be working on non-fiction creating non-chronological reports on animals. We will be making use of our knowledge acquired from our work in Science about Living Things and their Habitats. We will also be carrying out a bug hunt to find invertebrates which we will be classifying using a key!