Week 5: 20.04.20

Welcome back everyone!


We hope that you have all had an enjoyable break away from school work and enjoyed the Easter holidays - we enjoyed hearing all about the 'camp outs' and 'camp ins' that took place, the Easter Egg hunts, the baking, the reading and the gardening that took place throughout this time.  Well done to you all for keeping your spirits high and making the very best out of this situation we currently find ourselves in.  For us, it has meant so much to keep in contact with you and see that you and your families are doing ok, because we know that these challenging times can, at times, prove tricky and can feel intense, as we all try and adjust and adapt to our new way of life.  It isn't easy!  


We want you to know we are here for all our families, as we embark on our third and final term together - Summer Term.  We may not be physically together right now, but we will be together again soon, so let's make this bit in between, as fun and enjoyable as possible.  We are ready - are you??


Take care and stay safe!


Miss Gregory and Mrs Terry wink (Two Year 6 Teachers, desperately missing their classes!!!)