Week 5 - 27th November

Science this week had us all going beak mad!


Have you ever thought about why birds are SO different?

Well, in year six we have been investigating birds beaks and how, through evolution, beaks have adapted to the food types that are available in their natural environment. The children were tasked with developing their own experiments using a wide range of beaks (pegs, tweezers, tongs etc) and many different types of food (macaroni, lentils, kidney beans, rice etc). They raised a question and then spent time picking up the food with the beaks. It proved a difficult task in many cases but the children persisted and results were recorded. Next week the results will be interpreted as graphs and conclusions will be made - watch this space!


CPR (Cardiopulmonary resuscitation)


The Fire Brigade came to visit...


Russell, from Blue Watch, came into school to teach our children the importance of knowing how, potentially to save a life, by giving CPR. The children, listened to instructions attentively and asked amazing, pertinent questions. Each one of them then participated in following the clear instruction given by Russell to commence CPR. Their behaviour and attention to detail was exemplary, I am so proud of them all. Russell thanked them for taking it so seriously and for being such a pleasure to work with. A brilliant example of good quality learning. Do ask your child about CPR, sharing knowledge helps to consolidate learning.