Week 5 - 2nd October



Following an enjoyable morning of a ‘Reading Breakfast’ with parents, our children began to make their own bookmarks, in the form of ‘corner marks’ (slipping on the corner of the page to be read next). They were made in the Origami style of paper folding and ranged from monsters, penguins to mice. The children had to follow visual and oral instructions and then complete with their own design. To say they loved this activity is an understatement – many went home and made more!




Talking of making things…we have had the most amazing volcanoes brought into school across the year group. M6 have thoroughly enjoyed admiring them and in some cases watching them erupt! Thank you so much to parents who have supported their children in this awesome and spectacular task.


Home Learning is coming in thick and fast and to a very high standard, with the children being rightly proud of their endeavours. Any written or drawn work is mounted by the children and displayed in class …in fact we shall have to display some in our corridor, such is the enthusiasm – keep it up children – you make us SO PROUD!




Friday saw us, as a year group, work together in PE. After warming up by completing a hundred jumps, side to side over a line, the children then went into groups of ten (according to a colour).

They were then tasked with designing their own warm up ideas based on times tables. Mr Freeman and I were blown away with the range of creative ideas that they then had to teach to another group – they were so good we have asked them to record them to share across the school! This was then followed by ‘Teamwork’, passing a hoop around the group of ten whilst holding hands. With much agility (and laughing) the children found their own style and the competition began! Groups of 10 went to 20 and then to 30 and finally all 62! It was a brilliant achievement by all and showed excellent co-operation and, it has to said - PATIENCE! Well done year 6!


Thanks for a super week children. frown