Week 5: 30 September 19

In our learning this week, we have had our first experience of dancing, singing and making 4- beat rhythm pattern. This includes one beat: sound 'ta', two half-beats: sounds 'te-te' and two beats: sound 'ta-a'. Children learnt the names of the beats which are crotchet, quavers and minim. Some children even started to make longer rhythms by putting the beats together in rows of twos and fours, thinking of them as questions and answers, and always ending with a long note.


In Math we have moved onto identifying multiplies, factors, prime numbers and composites. They have made great progress especially because they revise their times tables and understood the links between these types of numbers. In English, children have started to produce a 'big write' which involve them writing from a characters point of views and imagining the character's feelings and emotions.