Week 5 - 30/09/19

In English, we continued to read the book 'Journey to Jo'Burg'. Our main focus this week was on police raids and the importance of carrying a pass book. To gain a better understanding of what a police raid involved, we explored a variety of photos taken during the apartheid. We used our senses to describe what we could see happening and how it must have felt for both the 'non-whites' and the policemen to be involved in these raids. The writing aim of the week was to rewrite a chapter of the book from a different character's perspective, in this case the policemen. After producing 'chapter mountains', we wrote a detailed, descriptive narrative, trying hard to vary our sentence length to create suspense and tension. Next week, we will be exploring newspapers and will be writing our own article about the uprising in Soweto.  


Our focus in Maths this week was 'Properties of Number', in particular multiples and factors. In order to recap and develop our understanding, we spent time playing games and completing a variety of problem solving activities linked to this area of Maths. On Friday, we enjoyed using Factor Bugs to help us identify multiples and factors of numbers to 100. Next week, we are going to to explore prime numbers.


In Art this week, we began creating our African masks. After researching colours, patterns and designs to use, we began bringing our masks to life! Check out our 'Week in Pictures' section next week to see how our masks are coming along.