Week 5

This week in English, we started writing our own non-chronological reports. At the start of the week, we discussed the purpose and content of an introductory paragraph. Following this lesson, we constructed our own paragraphs, making sure that they were both interesting and informative. Throughout the rest of the week, we wrote and edited paragraphs about the diet of our chosen dinosaur. As a class, we agreed on a list of 'non-negotiables' (punctuation, interesting verbs and adverbs, expanded noun phrases and interesting openers) that had to be included in our work. Next week, we will be constructing paragraphs about our chosen dinosaur's appearance and habitat. 


In Maths, we continued our work on division. At the start of the week, we applied our understanding of 'grouping' to solve a variety of worded problems. As the week progressed, we were introduced to the bar model and used this method to help us rehearse and recall division facts.


In Science, we explored the permeability of rocks. We began by using our knowledge of rock types (igneous, sedimentary and metamorphic) to discuss and predict what would happen if water was dripped on top of a rock. Would the rock be permeable (allow liquid or gases to pass through it) or impermeable (does not allow liquid or gas to pass through it)? We then carried out the investigation and recorded our results.


Science - Permeability of rocks

Art - Colour Mixing