Week 5

In Maths this week we have completed our learning on column subtraction including using regrouping.  I ma been so impressed with the progress that they have made this week and the resilience that they have shown in getting where they have.  Every child has committed themselves to mastering the work and they should be really proud of themselves.  As a class we have also reached 100% of children using TT Rockstars at home and, as a result, everyone's scores are improving and their times are decreasing.  I have also bee really impressed with the number of children who have asked for extra maths work to take home to consolidate their skills. 


In English, we have finished our first poetry unit and have begun our learning on Myths.  We have been learning all about Roman gods and goddesses and have been using drama show our learning.  There has been a great deal of lightning bolt throwing and pretending to throw cakes into fires!


In RE we learnt about the story of Svetaketu and how Hindus teach children about God and in History the children re enacted events from the Roman period to understand a time line. 


In Guided Reading we have begun our class text, The Firework Maker's Daughter.  If any one has their own copy at home, they are welcome to bring it in.

This week we have launched a class wellbeing project in which 2 children's photos are displayed on the wall everyday.  The rest of the class have to spot the positive things that they notice about these children throughout the day, either in class or out on the playground.  They write these down and post them on the Wellbeing Wall and we share them at the end of each day.  The children and I loved seeing these positive things being noticed throughout the day and it is particularly strong when it comes from their peers.